chastity cage

New Slave into Ballbusting and Small Dick Humiliation


I allowed a new slave to come and visit me in my chambers in Marylebone recently for ballbusting and small dick humiliation.

He brought his own chastity cage.

I instructed him to address me as ‘Goddess’.

I haven’t bothered to give him a name yet. When he comes back I’ll think of something.

I wore red latex stockings, black latex dress and Louboutin peep toe heels.

Perfect footwear for ball kicking.

He knelt before me and kept his hands behind his back. No need to tie him up. I could see he was extremely obedient and wouldn’t dare to unclasp his hands without permission.

Obedient but still in need of some firm instruction. I made him bend forward, still on his knees on my hard, tiled floor, and gave his ass a good thrashing with my riding crop.

He’s a real masochists and loves the pain and humiliation of getting his ass whipped and balls kicked.

I kicked his balls hard and made him scream from pain. He’d scream for mercy and then beg for more.

Noisy little fucker. I had to gag him stifle his screams and told him to slap the floor of he needed me to stop.

Kneeling with his thighs together his tiny dick disappeared completely so I made him stand so I could see just how puny it was. Almost needed a magnifying glass to find it.

I showed him some pictures of Oz Bigdownunder‘s 9 inch cock to make him understand what a real man’s cock looks like.

He really admires well hung men. Seemed to worship Oz’s 9 inches. I told him he can see the real thing if he wants. Oz was nearby so I could easily call him and get him to come over.

He didn’t have cash for Oz to join us but he’d like a duo with both of us so next time we’ll arrange that.

I played with my big kalashnikov dildo and made him watch so he could see how a woman enjoys a big dick.

Not like his pathetic, soft little worm.

As punishment for being incapable of pleasing a woman, I didn’t let him cum.

When it was time for him to go, I left his chastity cage on and kept the key.

He’ll be back in a few days and if he’s on his best behaviour, I might unlock it and let him touch himself.

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