Ballbusting Interview


A gentleman asked me to respond to twenty two questions about ballbusting in a custom made video.

He loves all things ballbusting, cock and ball torture (CBT) and humiliation roleplay relating to male lack of fertility.

Here are his questions and my answers =

Question 1) What is your favourite thing about Ballbusting and why do you enjoy it?


I have a Sadistic streak so I love seeing my subs experiencing pain and humiliation. Especially relating to the balls since men are so fond of their precious little nuts I find it’s the most satisfying part of a man’s body to torture.

Question 2) when doing a Ballbusting session are there any devices/ Contraptions that you use? If so describe what each one does and how each one would hurt my testicles.


Yes, I have stockings, cuffs and ropes that I can use for squeezing, shoes for crushing, paddles, floggers and whips for impact and my bare feet for stomping and kicking.


Question 3) Out of all the Ballbusting device/Contraptions you use which one is your favourite and why?


My louboutin heels. One stomp from those and you can say goodbye to what little manhood you have.


Question 4) when you are doing a Ballbusting session there is a lot of different ways you could hurt my balls, like Kicking, punching, kneeing, squeezing ect.. but out of all those which one is your favourite and why?


Bare feet. I like to feel the balls squishing under my toes.

Question 5) when doing Ballbusting, what Footwear do you like to wear and what is your favourite Footwear for Kicking guys Balls?


Same as question 3. My Louboutins. I also have some heavier boots for a good crushing and ballet slippers for a swift, elegant kicking.

Question 6) if we were ever to do a Ballbusting session together, I would love to play a game with you to see how many kicks to the Testicles I could take until I’m on the floor rolling around, clutching at my Testicles in pain and unable to get up. What are your thoughts on this? Also would that be something you would enjoy doing to me? And how many of your Kicks to the Testicles do you think it would take to keep me down?


I’d love to. I’m sure I could drop you with one kick if I wanted to but I’d prefer to build up gradually with more impact in each kick to really test your limits and prolongue your pain.

Question 7) during a session when you are kicking or squeezing a guys balls, I know any part of it would hurt but is there a particular part of the Testicle that you aim for when kicking or squeezing that causes the most pain e.g the middle or edge of the Testicle?


Right in the middle. I like to crush them like grapes.

Question 8) During a Ballbusting session when you are Busting some Testicles, have you ever thought to yourself I’m so glad that I’m a woman and that I don’t have Testicles?


Absolutely. It’s much more fun for me on this end of the boot.

Question 9) After a Ballbusting session is finished could you describe what a typical pair of Testicles looks like after you have finished busting them?


Like a pair of fleshy, tenderised walnuts that fell off a tree onto the highway and got crushed to a paste under a truck.

Question 10) what is the worst thing you have ever done to a mans testicles?


I caught a slave sniffing my panties so I made him sit on the edge of my chest of drawers with his balls hanging down into the open top drawer where I keep my panties. I made him apologise. Then I kicked the drawer shut.

Question 11) can you tell me what is the most damage you have caused to a man’s testicles?


See question 11. They looked like they’d been through a meat grinder.

Question 12) when you have finished filming a Ballbusting scene how does the man’s testicles recover afterwards? Can you tell me what usually happens afterwards?


Balls are usually bright red after ball busting. Then they get darker, purple, then black. Then after a week or so only the worst punished parts are still black and the rest is mottled red, purple, even some greenish bits. Usually two to four weeks to recover completely from a severe ball busting.

Question 13) when doing a ballbusting session we all know that the main aim is to inflict the most pain on a man through his Testicles. I want to know what feedback you have received from men about what, apart from pain, Ballbusting causes. Do they experience any other discomfort due to the Ballbusting e.g feeling sick? What are the normal and most common discomforts?


Yes feeling dizzy and lightheaded and even a bit queasy is normal. I’ve never had anyone faint or vomit from pain but perhaps you’ll be the first.

Question 14) My favourite Ballbusting technique is Squeezing, so I want to know what it is you like about Testicle squeezing and why you enjoy it?


I have very strong hands. I love crushing balls slowly in my grip and knowing that you’re one good twist and yank away from being a eunuch.

Question 15) As I have already established, Squeezing is my favourite Technique. One of my Ballbusting Fantasies is for you to squeeze my Testicles whilst you are giving me eye contact and laughing at me in pain. What are your thoughts on this? Is that something you would enjoy doing to me?


Sounds hilarious. I’ll go through the browser history on your phone and make you tell me about each dirty porn scene you’ve been watching one by one while I squeeze your balls to punish you for objectifying women, mock you for being a pathetic wanker and laugh in your face

Question 16) I really enjoy role play themed Ballbusting Scenes ones where the scene makes sense and has a purposes e.g. like an angry cheated on wife & husband or angry headmistress and pupil, I prefer that to just videos where they start hitting his balls for no reason. So bearing this in mind my question to you is if we were to do Ballbusting scenes together what different role play scenes would you want to film and what themes and scenarios can you think of that we could do?


With my Russian accent I do a great KGB interrogation. I’ll drag you to my gulag torture chamber and Re-educate you on the follies of your western Liberal ideology. By stomping on your fat capitalist ballbag.

Question 17) My most favourite aspects of Ballbusting is fertility. I enjoy the fact that Ballbusting might have a impact on my fertility and that my mistress is in full control of that. Do you like the fertility aspect of Ballbusting? and if so what do you like about it?


The world has enough perverts in it. I’ll be doing society a favour by castrating you with my high heels. We don’t need you impregnating some poor girl and raising more little perverts.

Question 18) I enjoy watching Ballbusting Scenes where they talk about and focus on fertility. Have you done Ballbusting scenes in the past that focused mainly on fertility? If so can you describe the scene. Also if we ever session together in the future is this something we could do?


Sure. I’ll be your wife taking you to a fertility clinic to find out why you haven’t gotten me pregnant. But secretly I found out you’re having an affair. You think you’re at a fertility clinic but I’ve really brought you to a Dominatrix who specialises in ball busting. We tie you up and slowly destroy your balls together.

Question 19) By you doing Ballbusting for quite a few years now and you have probably busted lots of guys balls within that time. Do you know if by doing any of your Ballbusting sessions or Scenes you have made any of those men infertile or if any of them have had trouble conceiving due to you?


Almost certainly. I’ve had regulars coming back for multiple sessions and I’m sure their sperm count gets lower and lower each time I crush their balls.

Question 20) we have talked already a lot about what you would do to my Testicles, so this question is all about my Cock. After seeing photos of my Cock I would like to know what sort of things you would want to do to it. Please describe to me what you would want to do to my cock, how you would hurt it, what devices and contraptions you might use ect… And would you enjoy it?


It’s an ugly little specimen. Nothing can improve its appearance but I’ll certainly redecorate it with a change of colour scheme. Some nice blue and purple bruises will make a nice change of scenery for you. I’ll whip it with my riding crop until it looks like a half cooked sausage that a dogs chewed on.

Question 21) if we were doing a Ballbusting session I would want it it include you Digging your heels into my Testicles, standing on my Testicles with your full body weight and also for you to use a ball crusher device to crush my Testicles, along with you squeezing them. What are you thoughts on this and is this something you would enjoy doing to my Testicles?


That’s fine with me. I’ll put on some music and dance on your testicles. I’m a good dancer I’ll show you some rhythm and footwork. I love a good baseline to get my feet stomping.

Question 22) For my final question I want to know if we met up for a ballbusting session in the future, and I said to you that it was up to you to decide what Role play theme the session would have and that you would have Complete and fully control of my Testicles with nothing off limits. Please describe in detail what role play theme you would choose and describe exactly what you would want to do to my Testicles.


We’ll do that KGB interrogation I mentioned earlier. I’ll tie you up and blind fold you. Then put a cord around you balls and lead you to my torture chamber. There I’ll make you tell me all your deepest secrets by squeezing your balls and punish you using all my evil implements on your cock and balls.

First I’ll make you sit on an ice bucket until your balls go blue from cold.

Then I’ll put on my ballet slippers and give your balls a good kicking and finish my ballet routine standing balanced on tiptoes on one leg on your balls and do a slow pirouette.

Then I’ll clamp alligator clips onto your scrotum connected by cables to a car battery and give you some shock therapy.

Maybe after that I’ll tie you naked to an old wooden tree stump in my garden, pour honey on your balls and leave you there for all the bees, ants and wasps to sting your bollocks until they’re swollen like a pair of big purple plums.

And last I’ll put on my Louboutin stiletto high heels and stand with all my weight on your testicles until you’re completely sterilised. You’ll never make a single sperm again.

And you’ll say “thank you, Comrade”.

From me, according to my ability to stomp on your balls. To you, according to your need to have your balls stomped on.

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